(Poupou, Hinerupe Marae, Te Araroa)

A Short History of our Taurahere in Auckland
1850’s – Trading schooners from Ngati Porou carried produce particularly wheat to the Auckland markets. These were owned by hapu and captained by rangatira, such as Mokena Kohere (owned Mereana), Huripuku (owned Purere), Hanara Matekitepo (owned Peti Piria), Te Rakahurumai (owned Kingi Paerata), Rapata Wahawaha and many others. Some of the other ships included: Waiapu, Te Anatina, Ihikepa, Tamariki (Aitanga-a-Mate), Riki Maitai, Mawhai (Whanau-a-Rua) & Hera Heni (Whanau-a-Rua).
(I’m sure you’ll tell us about your tipuna I’ve missed! ?)

- Tairawhiti Association started to assist Maori immigrants to Auckland.

– The loss of Hoani Waititi (passed away), Koro Dewes (left to Wellington) & Mr Gerry Hauiti (overseas) meant the Association closed.

- It was re-formed to assist Maori migrating to Auckland. “Tairawhiti” for these purposes was deemed to include - Arawa around to Ngati Kahungunu. They concentrated on providing support to new arrivals regarding accommodation, employment, advice & networking. They also aspired to assist in cutting the Maori crime rate. To support this they fostered kinship among members and keeping alive Maori culture, through song, haka and language. Officers & committee members were of the younger bracket. So that even then the wisdom and advice of kaumatua was foremost.

– Today we are a successful, savvy tribe. We are the 2nd largest tribal grouping in Auckland SuperCity. We come from a long history & now’s the time for us to make some more?!

The new Board of Trustees comprises: Tiwana Tibble (Chair); Bailey Mackey (Vice); Gwendolyn Arrago-Kemp; Teorongonui Keelan; John Kahukiwa; Tutu Wirepa; & Barry Soutar. Kristen Kohere is currently acting in an executive role as Kaitataki-a-rohe. Joe Naden also attends meetings representing the Pakeke Council.

A 3 year Strategic Plan has been approved by both the outgoing Incorporated Society and the new Board of Trustees. Download the Strategic Plan here. Take the time to read it and feed-back any thoughts you may have. The main purpose is to allow you to get some vision of where we intend going in the future. There are some exciting projects in development as we speak. But they will only be successful with your support, input and patronage.
So, may we ask you to:

1) Register on our website.
2) Identify the projects you think you may be able to contribute to in any way.
3) Or give us some advice about any elements you think can be improved.

Largest population of Ngati Porou in NZ live in the Auckland Region (2006 Census)
  • There are 13,215 of us here
  • 6,822 live in our southern suburb Hamilton ?
  • 8,152 live in Gisborne & 4,250 live “up the Coast"
  • 3 out of 4 Maori here are aged under 40
  • 3 out of 5 Maori here are aged under 30
  • 1 in 5 of us speak Maori
  • Most live in Manukau & Auckland Cities
  • We have 68% of Internet Users are aged under 30 yrs
  • Te Reo is popular & the dialect is hot
  • “Tribal” is Cool
  • Whakapapa reinforces us

Ngati Porou by Region

Hawke's Bay
    2006 Census Data

    Tribes in the Auckland Region > 5,000
    Ngäti Porou
    Ngäti Maniapoto
    Ngäti Whätua
    Te Rarawa
    Ngäti Tüwharetoa
    Ngäi Tahu
    Te Arawa
    2006 Census Data

Where are we going now?
Probably no-where in the geographic sense! We’re very likely to stay right here in the SuperCity. Most of us may never return home to live. Let’s acknowledge this & own it.
Ngati Porou Tuturu occupied the banks of the Waiapu from the mouth at Kopuakanae to the Paoa-a-ruku creek 20km upstream.
Ngati Porou Whāiti encompassed those between Tawhiti maunga (Te Puia) to Patangata (Hicks Bay).
Ngati Porou Whānui is an old term coined originally to describe those who lived outside of the inner sanctum of the tribal boundaries above.
Whānui means wide & broad. It’s other meaning is the star-sign Vega, which gave sustenance to mankind as the source of the kumara.

So let’s be loud & proud of who we are! We’re wide & broad because of the number of hapu we originate from, our sheer volume of people, our huge skill base. We have the capacity to pull our people power together and the potential to “feed” others & ourselves, like the tipuna-whetu Whanui! As a commentator said recently, “Ngati Porou in Auckland are a sleeping giant. Once we mobilise…watch out!” Because of the historical connection and the contribution Ngati Porou people have made over the years to Ngati Whatua, one of their kaumatua recently issued an invitation to renew our links, “Ngati Porou…we’ve been waiting for you!”

The Taurahere would like to thank the models who posed for the banner: Wiremu Mato (Waipiro Bay); Hariata Pohatu (Whakawhitira); & Ramari McCarthy (Tokomaru Bay).

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